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Does Webflow Have Free Templates? Where Do You Find Them?

Beginner or pro, Webflow makes designing websites from scratch far too easy for anyone. After all, it rids you of the need to code or take complex customizing action plans. Yet, head starts always help, especially when you want to launch your project right away, and Webflow’s pre-designed templates offer just that. 

But since you’re here, the big question on your mind likely is: does Webflow have free templates? Well, lucky for you, the answer is a resounding yes. Webflow does offer a huge collection of free templates to help jumpstart your online presence without breaking the bank. 

Come take a deeper look at free Webflow templates, how they work, and what they can do for your website. 

Top 10 Free Webflow Templates at a Glance

TemplateBest ForKey Features
Webflow Startup KitStartupsPortfolio exhibits, team introductions, customer testimonials, tailored services
Biznus TemplateBusinessProminent call-to-action, company overview, service descriptions, blog layout
Writeology XWriters, bloggers, journalistsClean, focused platform to publish work; organizes and categorizes articles
FlowbaseComponentsComprehensive component library with forms, modals, integrations
UncommPortfolioMinimalistic, interactive elements to make portfolio pieces pop
Minimal Agency Website TemplateMinimalist designsEmphasizes white space and typography; adapts to various needs
Real Estate Webflow TemplateReal estateAdvanced search filters, detailed property pages, agent profiles, blog section
LumaE-commerceSleek product grids, shopping carts, product pages, payment integrations
ChompRestaurantsOnline reservations, menus, customer reviews
HireUpMemberships, job boardsList jobs, receive applications, facilitate networking

What Are Webflow Templates?

Webflow templates are pre-built website designs created for users to use as a starting point. They’re pretty much like building blocks with various layouts and elements that you can customize to fit your persona or brand.

These templates come with all the key pages your new website requires, like homepage, services, solutions, about us, blog, portfolio, contact, and more. 

webflow website

In other words, it means you can get a professional-looking website up and running without any coding knowledge. Besides, you can change all these according to your needs with just a few clicks.

One of the great things about Webflow templates is that they’re all responsive. You won’t have to tweak much to make your website look great on all devices. 

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But best of all, each of these templates is built with SEO in mind, so your website will not only look good but also be optimized for search engines right from the start. 

What Type of Templates Does Webflow Offer for Free?

Free or paid, Webflow categorizes all its templates into a number of different sections, like business, portfolio, blog, e-commerce, and so on. So, no matter what sort of website you plan to launch, there’s likely a Webflow template meeting all your needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular free Webflow template categories:


Perfect for new businesses, these templates provide a professional and attractive website with features like pricing tables, team profiles, and call-to-action buttons.


These templates are designed to help you start selling online right away. Showcasing your products with them is so easy with features like product listings, carts, and secure payment gateway integrations.


Ideal for artists, writers, designers, and photographers, these templates make it easy to display your creations with features like image galleries, scroll-friendly sliders, and dynamic animations.


Blog Webflow templates are tailored for writers and content creators. They give you a sleek way to share your articles or posts with reader engagement elements like comments, categories, and social share buttons.


If you’re organizing a conference, workshop, or any event, these templates can come in really handy. After all, most of them include time-saving features like RSVP, event schedules, and speaker bios.


Building a solid foundation for charities and NGOs gets much easier with Webflow’s nonprofit templates. And that’s due to features designed to support donations, volunteer signups, and campaign information.

Style Guide:

Webflow has a wide selection of free style guide templates to help you create a consistent brand look. They help you with guidelines for typography, graphics galleries, color palettes, and similar design elements.

How Does Webflow Free Templates Work?

Templates and themes, as you might already know, are mediums to tweak existing setup, data, and content. So, when you use a Webflow template, they do quite the same sort of modification jobs as any WordPress theme. And the same applies when you start from scratch.

Webflow templates, free or paid, work in two ways:

  • You can download and use templates from Webflow’s self-hosted service. Each of these templates comes with a license, FAQs, and additional support.
  • You can clone anyone’s website that’s shared on their public profile. These are called cloneables, which don’t usually have any license, support, or quality guarantee.

Now, there’s the catch. And that is, whether you use templates or cloneables, you might have to upgrade to a Business plan or CMS to access any CMS features. For example, if you use Webflow’s free plan, chances are you won’t be able to launch your website unless you trim down the total page count to less than two.

Where to Get Free Webflow Templates

Finding free Webflow templates is quite straightforward. Here’s where you can find them:

Webflow Template Marketplace

Webflow’s dedicated Template Marketplace is undoubtedly the best place to find and download hoards of free templates. Besides the paid ones, they have thousands of free templates for almost every niche you can think about. 

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The marketplace lets you preview any template in your browser before you choose it for use, and thus, helps you decide better. Also, it’s got a filter option categorized by niche, style, and features, which really comes in handy for searching whatever you’re looking for within minutes.

Webflow Showcase

The Webflow Showcase is particularly aimed at those looking for tried and tested cloneables instead of downloadable templates. And getting started here is as easy as clicking the button marked ‘Cloneable’ and choosing ‘Templates.’ 

Like the template marketplace, the Webflow Showcase also gives you the option to filter out your desired template through keyword search. Besides, you can also choose from popular choices by sorting them out by ‘Most Liked’ or ‘Popular.’

Flowbase Component Library

Oftentimes, you may just be looking for a small design tweak rather than an entire overhaul. Like, you may need to add a new pricing table or fillable form to your website without making changes to the other areas. 

This is when the Flowbase Component Library can be your valuable resource, which is also pretty straightforward to use. 

To add a component, all you’ll need to do is search the Community Cloneables by tags or relevant categories and clone them into your own Webflow dashboard. You can easily integrate them from there into any of your existing sites, projects, or designs.


If you want a mix of simplistic designs and greater functionality, DesignCode is another place you’ll want to look into. 

A great thing about the platform is that it helps users learn effortlessly with free tutorials and resources – not just free templates. Just visit DesignCode’s Webflow portal to explore what they have in stock.

Third-Party Websites and Forums

Apart from the ones mentioned above, several other third-party websites also offer splendid free Webflow templates. For example, sites like Udesly and ThemeForest have active communities and independent designers who share their templates for free use. 

Likewise, many developers often share their work in online forums, such as this one on Reddit, where you can get Webflow templates without any cost. These forum threads also help immensely whenever you seek any technical help. 

Top 10 Free Webflow Templates to Get Started With

You can find hundreds of thousands of free Webflow templates on the internet, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Yet, some designs stood out for most compared to the rest. Such as:

1. Webflow Startup Kit – Best for Startups

Webflow Startup Kit - Best for Startups

Just as the name suggests, the Webflow Startup Kit has been crafted especially for startups looking to establish a strong, sleek online presence.

From portfolio exhibits to team introductions or customer testimonials to tailor-made services, it has everything to help you get started with. And all of that comes with a fresh, modern aesthetic in mind.

2. Biznus Template – Best for Business

Biznus - Retail Website Template

Many look to get off the mark real quick but aren’t ready to sacrifice that desired professional appearance for their business. If that sounds like you, the Biznus template is a well-balanced template you’ll want to look into.

It has a well-rounded layout with features like a prominent call-to-action, company overview, and service descriptions. You can even use its blog layout to showcase your industry insights. 

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3. Writeology X – Best for Writers

Writeology X - Blog Website Template

The Writeology X template is an excellent option for writers, bloggers, and journalists looking for a clean, focused platform to publish their work. It suits those best who struggle to organize and categorize tons of articles in other CMS systems. 

4. Flowbase – Best for Components

As mentioned earlier, Flowbase is no less than a jackpot for finding specific components rather than full-fledged templates. Its comprehensive component library hosts items like forms, modals, and connective integrations. And the best part? You can customize all of them to suit your site’s design vibe.

5. Uncomm – Best for Portfolio

Uncomm - Best for Portfolio

Creative people love the Uncomm Webflow template for showcasing their work. Mostly, it’s because of the template’s minimalistic approach, which blends perfectly with its interactive elements to make any portfolio pieces pop. 

The highly responsive template is also highly responsive so that visitors can explore your work with greater ease.

6. Minimal Agency Website Template – Best for Minimalist Designs

Minimal Agency Website Template - Best for Minimalist Designs

Although primarily made for agencies, the Minimal Agency template suits anyone who prefers cleaner, more sparse layouts without sacrificing functionality. The versatile template emphasizes white spaces and typographic elements to provide users with a canvas that adapts to various needs. 

7. Real Estate Webflow Template – Best for Real Estate

Real Estate Webflow Template - Best for Real Estate

The Real Estate template is meant for real estate agents and companies who want to display their property listings in the most elegant, seamless, yet budget-friendly way. This feature-rich template has advanced search filters, detailed property pages, agent profiles, and a blog section to share market insights and tips.

8. Luma – Best for eCommerce

Luma - Best for eCommerce

The Luma template is a sheer example of the right balance between attractiveness and e-commerce functionality. Its clean design comes with sleek product grids that allow you to showcase your products in a more practical way for users.

Moreover, it packs all the essentials like shopping carts, product pages, and payment integrations so you can operate your store more smoothly and intuitively.

9. Chomp – Best for Restaurant Management

Chomp - Best for Restaurant Management

The Chomp template has pretty much everything you’d want for a restaurant’s online presence. You’re bound to love its flavorsome design, which is well-paired with features like online reservation systems, menus displayed in a user-friendly manner, and customer reviews. 

10. HireUp – Best for Memberships and Job Boards

HireUp - Best for Memberships and Job Boards

the HireUp Webflow template is your go-to option if you’re looking to build a community-driven job board or membership platform on the cheap. The perfectly responsive template is a versatile choice for listing jobs, receiving applications, facilitating professional networking, and anything else alike.

How to Choose the Right Webflow Template

Although the template you choose depends mostly on personal preference and requirements, there are a few more things you’ll want to take into account. Such as

  • Niche-Specific: When you choose a template that aligns with your niche or industry, it makes the customizing process all the more straightforward.
  • Design: Find a template with a design that reflects your brand persona – it should look good and professional.
  • Features: Thinking about the features you’ll be playing around with always pays off big time. Go after those with more convenience and fewer complexities.
  • Preview: Always check out the template’s demo to make sure it meets your expectations.
  • Support: Templates and bugs are ever so relevant. So, choose a template that has enough support resources from both the author and the online communities. 


So, does Webflow have free templates? You bet it has. As you can see, Webflow has a broad range of free templates to suit anyone’s needs and preferences, whether business professionals or creative minds. 

And since there are so many cloneables to grab around online, the possibilities are endless. Yet, let’s not forget that templates are mere starting points. With Webflow’s ever-expanding customization capabilities, you can tweak and tailor everything until it matches your desired vibe.

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