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The 7 Types of Logos And How to Use Them

A logo is one of the essential branding elements of any business. A good logo design can help you create a compelling brand identity and build consumer loyalty. For example, some people think designing a logo is an effortless job, but It’s more complicated than you might think. However, there are several factors to consider when designing a logo, such as fonts, shapes, colors, and layouts. In this blog, we will guide you types of logos to inspire your next design.

Your business logo should represent the purpose of your business in the right way through visual signs and how the designed logo will appear on your products, online platforms, and other marketing materials that characterize your brand. Remember, the logo becomes the first point of identifying and representing the company’s mission.

Companies with influential logos influence consumers like Apple, McDonald’s, and Nike. In order to consider a better logo design during the design process, you need to know what type of logo to use. To get a memorable logo, one must think about hiring a logo designer or logo design agency to help you create your business logo.

Logos are broadly divided into seven main types. Each uses a different blend of fonts and shapes to make a distinct impression on the audience. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of logos to help you better understand which logo is best for your business.

7 Types of Logos to Inspire Your Next Design

A Wordmark logo is also known as a letter mark logo, a font-based logo that pays attention only to the brand name. This logo is also considered logotypes, and the Wordmark logo design is suitable for businesses with impressive and unique titles. 

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A unique business name, coupled with good typography, is easily identifiable by your audience. Your wordmark logo should accurately reflect the service or product your business offers. Coca-Cola uses a wordmark logo. For example, you may have seen its logo, which is known globally. Like the first, it’s a type that makes you think carefully about fonts and colors. Remember, a font should reflect the business purpose and should be clear.

Pictorial logos are based on images or illustrations. Sometimes called a logo symbol, it consists of an image or icon related to the word “logo,” such as the Apple logo or the Twitter bird. These logos are so distinctive and recognizable that anyone can easily remember them. The pictorial logo is just a picture. This simple type of logo can be hard to use for startups or businesses with lesser brand awareness. The most important thing when creating a pictorial logo design is the image to use. Consider the more significant meaning of the images you choose.

Both types of logos are icon-based, so abstract logos are very similar to pictorial logos. The main difference is that an abstract logo or mark is often not apparent at first sight or designed on realistic objects. Abstract logos represent the creed and value of a brand. This logo is perfect for industry giants that offer a wide range of products or services. 

Abstract logo helps to unify all areas into one symbol. These marks require a cautious approach and development. Make sure that the relations triggered by the symbol for the logo you choose are genuinely encouraging and appropriate.

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4. Combined Mark

This logo is called a combined mark because it’s designed with a combination of font and symbol. Contingent upon the design and purpose of the mark, the font may be larger than the symbol and the other way around. In certain circumstances, this composite symbol represents a brand without words, is a good investment of time and money, or this powerful brand combination has left a brand identity behind. 

Examples include Total, Pizza Hut, and Unilever. Combined mark is one of the hottest and most popular categories for a number of reasons, including a bold graphic logo that tells a story—displays high visibility in subtitles. Finally, copyrights are easier to obtain and protect than logos that only contain symbols.

Like wordmark logos, a monogram logo is also known as a “letter mark.” This logo is designed using the initials of the brand’s name. Some examples of monogram logos are LG, CNN, HBO, and Louis Vuitton. These are the initials of longer brand names. Since brand names consist of 2-3 words, only include the brand’s initials. The monogram is also instantly identifiable, allowing you to create the exact impression your business wants. The primary purpose of using a letter mark is to simplify. You can simplify your brand name with just a few letters—for example, Louis Vuitton as LV and Warner Bros as WB. 

Are you looking to add a traditional accent to your brand logo design? Then emblem logo design is the best choice for you. These logos include text with the company name, initials, or symbols. As an emblem type, it is multifaceted and challenging to replicate. Emblem logo designs are more prominent in government organizations. However, some business giants such as Harley-Davidson and Starbucks use the emblem logo.

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Mascot logos be made of descriptive letterings that work as noticeable representations. It can resemble a real human creature. Mascot logos are a great way to encourage customers to buy from your business. But these brands logically resonate with others. You can also use this logo to create an exciting and lively atmosphere and attract the masses. However, always make sure your company matches the mascot logo. So, use it to make sure the correct message is sent. 

The mascot logo is friendly and engaging, perfect for marketing campaigns and creating social media accounts for your business, though this type of logo is more detailed and composed.

Final Thoughts 

Lastly, enjoy. With all the info and thoughts stormed in this post, it might seem a little tricky, but keep in mind that logo design is one of the most creative errands in a startup. Plus, if you’re a new business, taking the time to create a good logo will pay off eventually. Also, remember that you are responsible for your logo. 

There is a lot of debate about how data science is changing the design industry. There are many forecasts that artificial intelligence will wipe out designers, but that would never happen. The human eye is always vital for creating a good logo.

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