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5 Uses of Python in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing makes the best use of technology and a data-driven approach powered by different business intelligence tools. Plus, modern marketing strategies are influenced by deeper data analytics. 

However, the main goal of the marketing strategy is to achieve a higher ROI, which is impossible without technologies like Java, PHP, and Python. 

In fact, most companies hire Python developers to support digital marketers, but the solution is not completely feasible due to market competition.

With the extensive growth in the data, you will need new processes and technologies that’ll help you succeed in any niche, and marketing is not an exception. 

Here are some common challenges faced by a marketer or company:

  • Online ads are getting more expensive and may affect the company’s budget.
  • Omni presence is a significant aspect of marketing, but it is hard to coordinate and manage different campaigns. 
  • Content marketing efforts may require more time and effort. 
  • A marketer or a company may experience a talent bottleneck in the long run.
  • Managing data from online ad campaigns is tricky and may require a comprehensive approach. 
  • A marketer or a company may not be aware of expensive automation tools.
  • It gets difficult to calculate return on investment (ROI) due to attribution problems. 

Python technology is not a magic pill that’ll help solve all the above problems, but you can use it as a framework that can drive the automation of all marketing activities. 

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Transform Your Digital Presence with the Help of Python

1. Text analysis 

Text analysis is popular in Data Science and Python communities. However, it can do great work in digital marketing as well. For instance, you can build a custom Google search result page with sentiment analysis output. 

By using easy-to-use models, you will be able to identify the content tone and know about the intent without diving deep into the stats and data. Also, you can look for another use case in social media marketing, or build algorithms to build sentiment analysis. 

With this, you can uncover the opinions people have about your brand. It also lets you cluster the emails so you can see the patterns through text. 

2. Working with API 

API is one of the most useful cases of learning Python in digital marketing. For the unversed, API means Application Programming Interface. 

API helps to connect different software, but the software for the tool needs to have the same interface. You can check your favorite software tools, and if the site has API documentation found on the footer navigation, it means that they have an open API. 

The best part is; it speeds up the work of digital marketers and automates the workflow. Moreover, it provides good benefits to the marketing automation space. 

Whether you need to use it for text analysis or social media posts, there is an API for every feature. If you learn Python, you will be able to understand the API documentation, and once you know the language, you can get data from them. You can start with the feature and know about the SEO API, which helps in marketing. 

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3. Data visualization 

Though data mining is an essential part of digital marketing, especially for bigger marketing campaigns, but most of the time data visualization is needed. Moreover, Python comes with great libraries that can help solve the problem. 

  • Pandas library in Python is ideal for data analysis and is used by marketers to take advantage during marketing campaigns. 
  • Also, Matplotlib is a cross-platform, data visualization and graphical plotting library in Python. 
  • Jupyter notebook makes the data mining process seamless through large data sets. 

However, most people ask the question – why not use Google Data Studio or spreadsheets for the process? That is because sometimes the data is so huge, it takes a longer time to load. 

Have you worked on a spreadsheet that has more than 50,0000 rows at once? When the spreadsheet is huge – it becomes difficult to clean, filter, and edit the data points. Data visualization and data analysis play a significant role in marketing. 

4. Build internal tools 

When you bring all the features together, it can help you build internal tools. And Python facilitates the building of customized tools.  The best feeling comes when you can create something that you thought of. For instance, you can use Streamlit as a web Python tool that helps you build apps in Python. With the tool, you can speed up your digital marketing efforts. 

5. Technical SEO

Python has a special place in digital marketing, specifically in technical SEO. By learning Python, you can expand your reach and toolbox. 

Besides, with technical SEO, you can build Python projects from scratch. There are many projects to work on, so you can decide based on your interest. 

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SEO Pythonistas is an ideal resource for it. You can use SEO tools and dive into the benefits of using the language for marketing. 

Besides, many other Python libraries like ecommerce tools and advertorial can specialize in technical SEO. Both open-source libraries have features like XML sitemaps and robots.txt files. Python has a plethora of libraries for many use cases. 

To Conclude

Python is an ideal framework for automating marketing tasks and simplifying efforts. However, you must remember that Python is just a tool and can’t be replaced with your domain expertise. 

As a marketer – you can get successful results when you combine your professional marketing skills and coding skills. Also, you can extend the functionality of Python tools for your custom marketing needs. 

Python is a language choice for many digital marketers and is perfect for marketing needs. It’s easy to learn and has vast capabilities that can automate marketing tasks. Moreover, it provides complete workflow automation and business intelligence.

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