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Top WordPress SEO Tips to Boost Your Traffic

WordPress is the oldest open-source website-building platform. It is widely used in business and by large companies. WordPress, for a long, has made a good reputation for making simple websites and offering WordPress SEO plugins, templates, and themes both in free and paid versions of its theme store. 

WordPress is the most renowned CMS (content management system) globally. It is free and SEO-friendly. However, technical aspects solely won’t suffice your purpose of building a digital presence. You need to focus on marketing post development to rank on the SERP and gain traction for online visitors.  

Thankfully, the availability of several WordPress SEO plugins makes it easy to implement SEO and gain the benefits that each and every tool offers. Making the optimum use of them will help you secure a decent rank on Google, which as a result will continue availing the benefits in the future as well.   

Below are a few WordPress SEO tips that will help you in boosting the visibility of your site in the search engine. 

Organic Visibility Through WordPress SEO

The majority of the conversions come through mobile and which makes it essential to design a mobile-friendly website that ensures a good user experience on all screen sizes.

  • Site Map Submission is a great technique to help google understand your site’s relevance, indexing, and determining your site’s ranking. 
  • By providing informative content on your website, you can increase traffic.
  • A clear meta description gives an idea to the Google about the content of the page
  • Do not miss out on adding inbound links, which is one of the contributing factors to a higher ranking. 
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Google takes more than 200 factors into consideration for crawling your website to the first page out of which of them are updated regularly, while others remain the same. The above-mentioned ones are the most important ones to implement.   

Implementing SEO for increasing the visibility of your site is a little effortful. However, reaching out to professional WordPress SEO experts will simplify your work and improve your web visibility. 

There are several sorts of SEO components that are responsible for search engine ranking. 

  • On-page SEO aspects 
  • Off-page SEO aspects 
  • Technical SEO aspects 
  • Content SEO aspects 

While WordPress ensures that the code it creates adheres to SEO best practices, there is much more you can do to improve your SEO efforts. 

There are several built-in SEO plugins for WordPress SEO and each one of them serves a different purpose, simplifying the job for you and letting you finish tasks in set timelines.  

A guide to increasing traffic to your website using the WordPress SEO strategies listed below: 

Top 10 WordPress SEO Tips to Boost Your Digital Presence

1. Content Length

According to the experts, the length of the content plays a significant role in the SEO of the website. If your material is worth reading and has enough information to keep readers interested, it will increase exposure and traffic to your website. 

However, a range of 800 to 1000 words would be an excellent decision for the readers in order to maintain traffic on the website and reduce the bounce rate. 

5 Tips for Creating The Best SEO Content

2. SEO Tools & Plugins 

WordPress SEO is a low-cost, high-return investment. You can construct a fantastic digital presence and blog strategy that increases traffic over time by investing in plug-ins like Yoast and WPRocket and using several SEO tools. 

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3. SSL Certificate 

The SSL (Secured socket layer certificate) certificate secures your WordPress website and keeps it safe from any kind of cyber threats. hackers at bay as much as possible. It decodes the website so that it can be safe and accountable to users in a short period. 

4. Meta description 

The meta description is a concise summary of the page or post’s content which is normally one to two sentences long, but it may have a significant impact on how your content appears in search results. 

5. Site Mapping 

Site mapping is an important thing to develop for search engines. It tells the search engine exactly where your material is or, in other words, it lets google know the right location of your content. The Yoast SEO tool may help you construct a site map. 

6. Updated Files

Keeping your website’s content and themes up to date is extremely beneficial to its SEO.  Updating themes and making optimum use of WordPress plugins will help you get ranked on top. 

7. Custom URLs 

Enable custom URLs in WordPress or use the Yoast plugin. Optimized with target keywords, URLs appear more natural on the browser and are easy to understand for the users. 

8. Optimized images and the infographics 

Images may be optimized for SEO in two distinct ways: performance and Internet search. 

Compress the pictures to cut load times and unlock higher website performance. 

Second, add alt text to all photos in the Yoast plugin.

This property allows you to briefly explain the image or GIFs. Always add a relevant term and explain what the photo is about. It is a beneficial thing to remember during WordPress SEO. Alt-text is also important for filling picture search results and allowing for additional traffic outside of typical SERPs (Search engine result pages). 

9. Site structure and the internal linking 

The site structure and internal connecting links are the most significant aspects to evaluate on a frequent basis, not on a daily basis, but at least once a year. It will assist you in tracking the website’s performance over time and will be beneficial to the exposure of your website. 

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10. Spam in the Comments 

Users become irritated and concerned when bots or black hat marketers leave links to malicious websites in the comment section. It is also possible that the entire page will be marked as spam. You can use nofollow links to prevent spammers from misusing your comment section.

Also, one of the advanced solutions that will prevent bots from commenting is cookies. Not accepting cookies for comments will not allow people to comment, and later they are recognized as bots. 

The above-mentioned WordPress SEO tips can help you improve your website’s search engine ranking. Apart from the techniques mentioned, there are various more elements that are responsible for the site’s ranking and are extremely crucial, such as Alt tags and keyword use (local and global both). 

Implementing all these techniques will help you achieve your desired ranking on the search engine, not immediately, but definitely.  


You cannot expect the traffic to accelerate if you only have a few posts on your WordPress website. To run an online enterprise in this digitally growing era, you need to maintain content consistency without compromising on quality and keep up with the rapidly changing consumer trends. which begins with solid WordPress SEO strategies for your web-hosted material. 

These WordPress SEO tips will only help your site to boost to some extent. However, conducting the site audit at regular intervals,  strategizing your further executions based on the insights gained, and keeping up with Google’s algorithm updates are equally essential to maintain your site structure and retaining the rankings achieved.